The thing I find very strange and in a way exhilarating is that humans are the only lifeforms that are obsessed with time. For a lot of people this means that there is pressure to achieve certain goals. This is a rather weird phenomenon because this appears to be a problem only humans experiences. An animal does not feel this pressure to succeed in life before it dies, it simply exists unaware of the passing of time. It might be aware of the fact that the sun rises and sets every day, but it does not give it the same meaning as humans do.


At some point life, and with that our allotted amount of time, is going to end, mortality is inevitable.  My art and the concepts behind my art are at times viewed as morbid, yet it is also a theme a lot of people can relate to because regardless of how individualistic our society is we are all bound together by the simple fact that we are inevitability mortal. Knowing we are all mortal and that our time is limited connects us to one another in a unique way. In conclusion, the most important message I am attempting to convey through my art is that both reality and our perception are inextricably linked to the inevitability of life.